Bandung Bulletin

100_8775The African-Asian Conference Bulletin was published in the lead-up and aftermath to the conference and on a daily basis while the conference was going on. It was produced by a conference secretariat staff and published by the Indonesian ministry of information. Click for pdf versions, 10 pages per pdf.

Issue 1 (March 1955) highlighted the conference’s origins, reprinted the Bogor communique of the inviting governments (Burma, Ceylon, India, Indonesia, Pakistan), and included logistical information and world press opinion.

Issue 2 (April 1955) added further background information: a statement by Indian prime minister Nehru; information on the conference organs and the city of Bandung; basic information on countries expected to attend and on their leaders; and the world press review that was to become a feature of each issue.

Issue 3 (18 April 1955) began the daily run. Its focus was on the opening ceremony: the keynote speech by Indonesian president Sukarno, the election of a chair – Indonesian prime minister Ali Sastroadmijojo – and his own subsequent speech. The usual world press review followed.

Issue 4 (19 April 1955) began to feature profiles of attending leaders and other opening speeches.

Issue 5 (20 April 1955) includes greetings, more delegation head speeches, and the communiques of the economic and cultural committees, which worked in the shadows of the conference’s political debates.

Issue 6 (21 April 1955) ran key passages from delegation leader speeches, more who’s who profiles and logistical information, and a selection from the American media.

Issue 7 (22 April 1955) in addition to communiques, world press excerpts and who’s who, ran the Indonesian-Chinese treaty on dual nationality signed in Bandung.

Issue 8 (23 April 1955) followed the same pattern as issue 7, with the (by now) standard sections and more documents from the Indonesia-China agreement.

Issue 9 (24 April 1955) covered “the memorable last day” of the conference. It includes the full final communique, the closing speech by Ali Sastroamidjojo, an article on the conference in retrospect, and more press excerpts.

Issue 10 (June 1955) was a post-conference follow-up issue produced to “make complete” the conference record after its conclusion. Closing speeches and a world press review are its major components.

These bulletins were produced for public free distribution by the Indonesian ministry of information and not copyrighted. If any copyright has been involuntarily infringed, please contact the web site owner and copyright material will be removed.

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